Limoges Trinket Box

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  • Limoges France Cylinder Trinket Box
  • 3 Hand Painted Vintage France Limoges Trinket Boxes Lemon Lime And Dish Rare
  • Vintage Limoges France Lemon Trinket Box With Painted Cherry, Pear And Peach Fruit
  • Limoges France Chamart Painted Floral Perfume Chest Box & 2 Glass Bottles Signed
  • Limoges France Rehausse Porcelain Floral Perfume Box & 3 Blue Glass Bottles
  • L'objet Voyage D'or Limoges Box With Semi -precious Cabochon Inlay
  • Limoges Rochard Hand Painted Porcelain Wedding Church Trinket Box
  • Limoges Watermelon Trinket Box Peint Main France
  • Limoges Menorah Porcelain Trinket Box, Rochard France, Blue Gold Hand Painted